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If a story is important, then it must be told. We can portray dreams of what the future may hold, or allow introspection on what has occurred in the past. A story is a narrative that can relay lessons and warnings. A story can teach us about hope and remind us how important and meaningful our lives are. We are unearthing stories about those buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery.

Samuel Schenkein: WWII Army Veteran

Samuel was born in Woodhaven, New York and went on the serve in World War II in the Army. He served from March 28, 1941 to June 21, 1945. Samuel served as an ammunition handler, He was awarded the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medal, a Bronze Service Star, Good Conduct medal, American Defense Service medal, WWII Victory medal, and an Honorable Service lapel button. ~Contributed by Sheila Cavell

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Arkady Levin: WWII Veteran and Hero

Arkady was born on January 21, 1922 in Rogachev Belorusha and at the age of 19 he graduated from an Aviation Academy in Borisogleb, Belorusha and enlisted in the air force as a fighter pilot as soon as the war broke out in 1941.

  • Published: Wednesday, June 28, 2023
  • Category: Veteran
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Alex Spieler: World War II Veteran

Alex Spieler, was born in Brooklyn. His mother was from Austria and his father was Russian Slavic. He worked as a shoe salesman and registered for Army. He was an artillery expert. He was station at Fort Sill and his only son Robert was born there and when Robert was 2 1⁄2 years old he was sent to a Fort in California.

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Memorial Day Tribute

We are honored at Mount Hebron Cemetery to be the final resting place for over 1,800 Veterans. We have identified over 500 who died in service of our country. Please join us on a photographical journey in remembrance of the brave men and women who selflessly defended our country and gave their lives for more than a century who rest with us. We will always be proud of the heroes within our gates and are dedicated to preserving their legacy. We owe an immeasurable debt to our veterans, to the fallen, and to the families who love them. Just as our servicemen and women have taken care of us, we must also take care of them. It is our sacred duty as a country to honor them and remember their sacrifice.

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Memorial Day & The History of the Poppy Flower

As Memorial Day approaches, red poppies begin to make their annual appearance, especially pinned to people's lapels, tote bags or even hats. These colorful flowers, often made of fabric or crepe paper honor and memorialize fallen soldiers, as well as serving as a fundraiser to support our nation's war veterans. The red poppy officially became the national emblem of remembrance in 1920, but the resilient little flower's roots run deep, all the way back to the battlefields of World War I, where they grew in the unlikeliest of places.

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Mikhail Gorelick:WWII Veteran & Holocaust Survivor

Please join us in in experiencing the first hand testimony of Mikhail Gorelik in honor of Victory Day. He was both a Veteran and Holocaust survivor. We wish to thank his daughter, Svetlana Mazer, for sharing his harrowing story of survival and bravery so that we may educate the community about his contribution to our rich history to our culture. May his memory be a blessing.

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Walter Fuchs: Through His Eyes

Walter J Fuchs was an official U.S. Army Photographer and served in the 40th Infantry Division. He now rests with us at Mount Hebron Cemetery. Please join us on a photographic journey of his time during his service.

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Cassrell Freidberg

Corporal Cassrell Freidberg was a World War II Army Veteran who also served in the Drum and Bugle Corps. He was in Company D, 2nd Battalion. He now rests with us at Mount Hebron Cemetery. May his service and legacy be a blessing to us all.


Milton Sachs: Lt. Colonel Army Medical Corps

Milton Sachs was a Bronx native who attended medical school and served in the Army Medical Corps during WWII. His legacy is blessing to our country, his family and our community here at Mount Hebron. ~Blog Written by Michael Ackermann

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David Traub: A Casualty of Animosity

We implore you to discover more about the tragic and mysterious passing of David Traub, an Army veteran who as killed at the age of 21. May his memory and life be a blessing to all. ~Blog Written by Michael Ackermann

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Marvin Weiss: WWII and the USS Northland

Marvin Weiss was an electrician in the Coast Guard on the USS Northland, which was later named "The Jewish State" or " Medinat Yehudim" in Hebrew. His amazing legacy was shared in his words from his family. We thank the Weiss family very much for sharing a his story of bravery and resilience. His memory is a blessing to all. ~Blog Written by Michael Ackermann

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Editorial: The Legacy of A Veteran

Please read this beautifully written editorial from Hannah Berman, an intern who researched veterans. She shares the unique experience of studying veterans through the lens of a religious upbringing.

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Veterans Day Tribute

The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men. ~Minot J. Savage Tribute video created by lead Veteran researcher, Michael Ackermann.

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Bernard Gofryd

Gotfryd was a Holocaust survivor. The Germans overran his Polish hometown of Radom days after World War II started. As a photo lab apprentice he photographed the atrocities of the Nazi's. He survived six concentration camps. He then immigrated to America and joined the Army as a photojournalist. His stone reads, "I could not remain silent".

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