Thursday, April 6 is 1st Day Passover. The Cemetery office and gates will be closed.

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If a story is important, then it must be told. We can portray dreams of what the future may hold, or allow introspection on what has occurred in the past. A story is a narrative that can relay lessons and warnings. A story can teach us about hope and remind us how important and meaningful our lives are. We are unearthing stories about those buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery.

Rebecca Sebar: The Price of a Pint of Blood

In the July of 1949 the names Rebecca and Albert Sebar made headlines because of their heartbreaking story. The Sebar siblings’ parents immigrated from Turkey and resided in the Bronx. Rebecca, just five years old, had been diagnosed with leukemia and needed blood transfusions every day. Her brother Albert, barely an adult at the age of eighteen, would donate blood as often as he could and convinced his friends to donate as well. He would also spend all the money he had on blood for their little girl. When the donations and money depleted, Albert, along with his friend Emanuel Buffa, resorted to crime to save his sister. They were arrested after breaking into a stationary store on March 24th, 1949. ~Blog Written by Elisheva Schuster

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Yiddish Theatrical Annual Ceremony

The Yiddish Theatrical Alliance and the Yiddish Artists & Friends- Actors Club invite you and all lovers of Yiddish theater,music and song to join us at our annual memorial ceremony at the Mount Hebron Cemetery, Flushing,NY on Sunday,September 11, 2022 at 12 noon (rain or shine). We will gather on the grounds of the Yiddish Theatrical Alliance,Block 67. The vast majority of the actors,composers, orchestra leaders,musicians and all other theater family of the Yiddish stage are interred on these grounds. Cantor Moishe Bear will officiate. Joining us will be one of the most popular klezmer clarinetests,composers and Yiddish theater musical stars, ZISL SLEPOVITCH, who will dedicate a musical tribute to the luminaries of the Yiddish stage. We are offering free round trip bus transportation from Manhattan to those interested.The bus will depart at 11 AM sharp from the Hebrew Actors Union building, 31 East 7th Street (betw.2nd & 3rd Ave.) NYC Bus reservations must be made in advance as there is limited seating. Call (917) 376-4969 and leave your name and contact number. ALL LOVERS OF YIDDISH THEATER ARE INVITED. Zayt gezunt, Corey (Gedalye) Breier

  • Published: Friday, September 2, 2022
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A Historical Look at Freemasons

The history of Freemasons is global and well known. However, the role of Jewish people in this fraternal organization has a long standing tradition. Please come with us on a journey through our world, national and cemetery history at Mount Hebron.

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Judge Nathan Perlman

We implore you to read the story of how the law intermingled with the criminal elements in New York as a true testament to the solidarity of the Jewish people during this horrific time in history. May the memory of Judge Nathan Perlman not only be one of law and order but also of perseverance against Nazi forces attempting to infiltrate their sick ideology into our great city.

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Renee Meckler:Tragedy at Willowbrook State School

Without knowing its name, you have probably heard of the infamous Willowbrook State School. Renee Meckler, the daughter of Ethel Meckler, was both mentally disabled and physically handicapped. She resided at Willowbrook State School until her death due to strangulation on June 21, 1965. ~Blog Written by Maya Mehrara

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