Self-Guided Tours at Mount Hebron Cemetery

As generations pass and the memories of these loved ones fade and eventually disappear, there is a risk that the stories and sacrifices of those interred may slip away and be forgotten. This history of those resting at Mount Hebron Cemetery is not just a story of individuals, it is a story of people who persevered to help create our city and in turn, our country. We want these stories to come alive and that the legacy of these individuals and their cultural history will be available for generations of today into the future. A list of our featured tours are listed below. You can view all of our tours here.

Yiddish Walk of Fame Tour

In the late 1800's America became the world capital of Yiddish Theatre and became part of American culture. This tour will enthrall you with the immense talent of its actors, directors and musicians. It will also help us embrace our communal history and how these entertainers have reinforced our roots from the Old World to the America.

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Murder, Inc. Mob Tour

In the New York City of the 1930s, murder was big business. Murder, Inc. was an organized crime group, active from 1929 to 1941, that acted as the enforcement arm of the Italian-American Mafia, the Jewish Mob, and other closely connected organized crime groups in New York City and elsewhere. Mount Hebron is the final resting place for nine of Murder, Inc.'s most prominent members. Please join us as we explore the underworld of the toughest Jewish Gangsters who once ran the streets of New York City through their individual and collective stories.

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The Holocaust Memorial Tour

In honor of those murdered in Eastern European towns during the Holocaust, societies named after these towns have erected emotionally stirring memorials. This tour will encompass the both the messages in stone as well as the historical cataclysmic effect of these events.

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A Composer's Encore

This tour will help us rediscover the contribution of the Jewish immigrants of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in American to music and the arts. The compelling lives of these musicians will astonish you and their mastery of composition will leave you speechless.

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