Holocaust and Pogrom Survivors

This aspect of the Legacy Project seeks to identify survivors of the Holocaust and other European/Russian pogroms who are buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery. By documenting and sharing these experiences with our community, we can shine a light on one of the darkest times in history to reveal stories of resilience and hope while preserving the memory of our loved ones. This information will help highlight the diversity of New York City by showing where our residents originated from and how they came to live here, making connections to new generations of immigrant families who call the borough of Queens home.

If you know of a Holocaust survivor or someone who lived through the pogroms in the decades leading up to World War II that are buried at Mount Hebron, please identify that person in our database and submit any information regarding their experience. Wherever possible, please indicate their country of origin, the names of any ghettos or concentration camps they were interred in, where they were liberated or rescued, and when they immigrated to the United States.

If you prefer to call the office with this information, you may do so by dialing (718) 939-9405 or by emailing us at

Submit Survivor Information