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If a story is important, then it must be told. We can portray dreams of what the future may hold, or allow introspection on what has occurred in the past. A story is a narrative that can relay lessons and warnings. A story can teach us about hope and remind us how important and meaningful our lives are. We are unearthing stories about those buried at Mount Hebron Cemetery.

Tuba Zisman: Ukrainian Labor Activist

Tuba’s life represented the dynamic nature of the Jewish world in the twentieth century, which saw great changes in the Soviet Union and suffered the Holocaust. As a socialist, Tuba sought to uplift the conditions of the workers at her factory. As a family woman, she supported the growth of the Yaroshevsky and Zisman families with an everlasting love for Galina, Simon, Alex, Richard, Boris, and Evgeny. Her Jewish heritage is honored. ~Blog Written by Rene Yaroshevsky

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Dr. Max Warmbrand: A Pioneer in Nutrition

Max Warmbrand, who advocated fruits, vegetables, sun and exercise in his books and lectures on nutrition was a major force in the medical world with his insights on good health discovered through his own ailments. He now rests with us at Mount Hebron Cemey

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Jeanne Manford: Founder of PFLAG

Jeanne Manford made waves in our community after the assault of her son. She founded PFLAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) to fight for the safety and respect for those who are part of the LGBTQ community. May her memory be a treasured blessing to all and may her fight continue to inspire others. ~Blog Written by Elisheva Schuster

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Fred Lebow: Founder of the NYC Marathon

Fred Lebow was a runner, race director, and founder of the New York City Marathon. When the New York CIty Marathon began in 1970 it only had 55 finishers. Through his innovation and passion, it became one of the biggest marathons in the world, with a record 52,000 finishers in 2018. He now rests with us at Mount Hebron.

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Nina Eaton:Cerebral Palsy Advocate and UCP Founder

In 1941, with the birth of her son Leonard, Nina Eaton found herself propelled into a lifetime of challenge, triumph, uncertainties and opportunities, heartbreak and hope, but mostly of achievement. Through her own experiences she selflessly chose to help others by creating the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

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