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Name Location Society Date of Death
BERTHA AMMER114-20-5-121st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/28/1976
SAMUEL AMMER114-20-1-11st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/24/1946
IDA ARUM114-20-2-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC4/20/1963
MOSES ARUM114-20-1-151st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/15/1962
JOSEPH BACHMAN114-20-6-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/16/1991
LILLIE BACHMAN114-20-6-101st BIRCZER S & B SOC4/17/1982
S/B BACHMAN114-20-2-A1st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/31/1969
MINNIE BAZIM114-20-5-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/8/1977
SALLY BERGER114-20-2-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/13/1957
HENRY BREYER114-20-6-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/26/1969
JEROME BREYER114-20-6-71st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/12/1970
RUTH BREYER114-20-6-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/30/1968
SANDRA BREYER114-20-6-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/8/2015
SOPHIE COHEN114-20-4-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/23/1970
JOSEPH DIAMOND114-20-4-101st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/8/1966
LENA DIAMOND114-20-4-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/23/1978
MIRIAM DIAMOND114-20-2-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/30/1962
MIRIAM DIAMOND114-20-2-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC3/11/1987
SAMUEL DIAMOND US Flag114-20-2-121st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/17/1992
JOSEPH FABIAN114-20-7-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/13/2014
RUTH FABIAN114-20-7-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/29/1995
SAM FENICK114-20-3-11st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/31/1950
MIRIAM FENIG114-20-2-71st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/15/1961
MARY FINKELSTEIN114-20-5-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/19/1983
SAMUEL FINKELSTEIN114-20-5-101st BIRCZER S & B SOC2/2/1972
SHIRLEY GOLDBERG114-20-6-171st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/18/2004
JACK GREENBLATT114-20-5-161st BIRCZER S & B SOC2/15/2007
RUTH GREENBLATT114-20-5-171st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/16/1994
BERTHA HAMADA114-20-3-141st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/4/1978
SAM HAMADA114-20-3-61st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/25/1955
ALLEN KAMPEL114-20-7-71st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/1/2019
BOB KAMPEL114-20-7-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/4/2002
ELIZABETH KAMPEL114-20-7-181st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/8/2000
MICHAEL KAMPEL114-20-7-171st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/20/1996
ROSE LANGSAM114-20-3-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/27/1965
JOSHUA LIPETZ114-20-7-161st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/12/1999
PEARL LIPSCHITZ114-20-7-121st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/7/1989
REBECCA LIPSON114-20-5-11st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/6/1966
HERMAN LISCHNER114-20-4-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC3/15/1963
ANNA LISHNER114-20-2-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/5/1963
IRVING MARKOWITZ114-20-6-121st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/7/1995
MILDRED MARKOWITZ114-20-6-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/23/1983
RALPH MERZEL114-20-3-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/23/1953
REGINA MERZEL114-20-5-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/18/1978
ELIAS MITTMAN114-20-3-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/18/1970
JENNIE MITTMAN114-20-3-121st BIRCZER S & B SOC3/19/1966
BERTRAND MOND114-20-6-141st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/12/2002
ISAAC MOND114-20-7-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/14/1977
MOLLIE MOND114-20-3-101st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/29/1964
PHYLLIS MOND114-20-6-151st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/9/2007
ANNA NEWMAN114-20-2-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/1/1957
DORA ORLING114-20-1-101st BIRCZER S & B SOC3/31/1960
ISIDOR ORLING114-20-1-91st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/30/1963
SAMUEL ORLING114-20-1-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/29/1939
SAMUEL ORLING114-20-1-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC4/25/1947
ROSE OSER114-20-7-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/22/1988
IRVING PILCHIK114-20-4-161st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/18/1970
SADIE PILCHIK114-20-4-151st BIRCZER S & B SOC4/30/1993
SCHYA PINCZOWSKI114-20-1-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/10/1949
ARTHUR PRINCE114-20-8-11st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/5/2002
KATE PRINCE114-20-4-141st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/26/2002
SAM PRINCE114-20-3-71st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/13/1962
ARNOLD ROTH114-20-5-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/9/1974
DEENA ROTH114-20-5-71st BIRCZER S & B SOC3/11/1970
GERTRUDE ROTH114-20-7-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/20/2001
HARRY ROTH114-20-5-151st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/15/1979
ISAAC ROTH114-20-6-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/22/1968
JENNIE ROTH114-20-5-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/9/1978
JOSEPH ROTH114-20-7-61st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/27/2001
LEAH ROTH114-20-6-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/25/2003
LILLIAN ROTH114-20-5-141st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/19/2011
MAX ROTH114-20-1-141st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/17/1961
MORRIS ROTH114-20-6-11st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/23/1967
NATHAN ROTH114-20-4-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/8/1965
BENJAMIN RUBENFELD114-20-4-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/25/1965
MOLLIE RUBENFELD114-20-4-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/15/1967
ROSE RUBENFELD114-20-7-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC1/24/1990
SOL RUBENFELD114-20-3-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/16/1972
STANLEY RUBENFELD114-20-3-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC8/19/1953
ISAAC SAFFER114-20-3-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC9/6/1951
NATHAN SCHEINER114-20-4-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/12/1950
SARAH SCHEINER114-20-4-11st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/10/1950
ANNIE SCHIFF114-20-1-61st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/1/1955
MORRIS SCHIFF114-20-1-51st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/18/1949
LEO SCHLESINGER114-20-1-81st BIRCZER S & B SOC3/19/1955
SARA SCHLESINGER114-20-1-71st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/18/1971
ROSE SCHMIER114-20-1-111st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/11/1960
MILDRED SHOSTAK114-20-2-101st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/12/1962
JEANNETTE SIMPEL114-20-5-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/30/2015
NATHAN SIMPEL114-20-5-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC11/23/1991
ZLATO SOFFER114-20-2-61st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/30/1959
IDA TEICH114-20-2-41st BIRCZER S & B SOC2/4/1958
MOSES TEICH114-20-1-31st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/16/1948
FRIEDA WARSAW114-20-2-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/11/1992
MENDEL WARSAW114-20-2-141st BIRCZER S & B SOC7/30/1969
YETTA WARSAW114-20-2-151st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/29/1963
SAMUEL YARMUSCH114-20-3-161st BIRCZER S & B SOC10/2/1967
TILLIE YARMUSCH114-20-3-151st BIRCZER S & B SOC5/21/1992
ABRAHAM YARMUSH114-20-1-131st BIRCZER S & B SOC6/2/1960
ALEX YARMUSH114-20-3-21st BIRCZER S & B SOC12/18/1950
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