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Name Location Society Date of Death
MARY ABRAMSON101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-4TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE3/19/1972
CARL LAMBERT101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-9TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE6/28/1989
MILDRED LAMBERT101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-8TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE1/8/1997
FRANCES MICHELMAN101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-7TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE2/5/1950
HERBERT NEVARD101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-3TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE12/15/2017
MILDRED NEVARD101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-2TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE12/18/1993
PAUL NEVARD101-13-3-38/30/2021
RUTH NEVARD101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-4TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE4/16/1983
SAUL NEVARD101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-3TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE8/1/1944
BERNARD TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-5TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE2/7/1965
DAVID TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-9TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE5/8/1964
EDYTHE TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-7TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE3/11/1972
ELIZABETH TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-5TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE3/9/1943
ELSIE TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-1TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE6/25/1998
ETHEL TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-6TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE1/15/1988
HARRIS TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-6TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE2/12/1932
JEANETTE TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-8TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE5/31/1994
LOUIS TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-2-1TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE4/30/1959
MAX TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-2TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE12/13/1998
MURIEL TOMPKINS101-13-214-215 & 1/2 216-1-10TOMPKINS FAMILY CIRCLE7/20/1932